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Design and Construction of Suzhou Gardens

"Ming Hall", in Metropolitan Art Museum in New York, U.S.A Garden of leisure "Garden of Beauty Containment" in Singapore

Advancing Suzhou Garden Designing Institute

  Suzhou Garden Designing Institute is a unit of grade-A garden designing qualification and grade-A project designing credentials conferred by Ministry of Construction of P.R.C.

  This institute mainly undertakes the planning and designing task for garden projects domestic and abroad including various urban green land systems, scenic areas, parks, classical gardens, pleasure grounds, holiday villages, apartments, villas, classical architecture renovations, middle-rank and high-rank civil architectures. The businesses of Suzhou Garden Designing Institute spread domestic and abroad. The stepping of Suzhou classical gardens into the world carries forward Chinese culture. Ming-style courtyard garden, "Ming Hall", the first exportation project planned by Suzhou Garden Designing Institute and constructed in Metropolitan Art Museum in New York, U.S.A in 1980, bridged the exchange between Oriental gardens and Accidental ones. Afterwards this institute planned Suzhou-style classical gardens in Canada,U.S.A, Malta, Singapore and so forth. "Garden of leisure" planned in Canada was conferred "Urban Outstanding Award" and "Special Achievement award" by local government. "Garden of Beauty Containment" planned in Singapore is one especially for Bonsai exhibition. "Suzhou Garden", a commercial district in "Glorious China Garden", formally open to the public in Florida, U.S.A in 1993 is a fine design example with the comprehensive combination of gardens and neighborhood to introduce abundant Chinese traditional culture, superb gardening technique and tasteful artistic style. "Suzhou Garden" has become the largest and the most comprehensive exportation project of Suzhou classical gardens. This institute puts the principle "Still old after renovations" into domestic project designing work.

  Architects of Suzhou Garden Designing Institute completed a succession of large and medium-sized classical garden designing work after their absorption of designing essence from all sides. Furthermore, it accords with the public's requirements that the completion of a succession of classical commercial architectures adds practicality to appreciation.

  In the past sixteen years, Suzhou Garden Designing Institute was conferred excellent designing award of Construction Ministry for four times; excellent designing award of provincial level for nineteen times; excellent designing award of municipal level for thirty nine times.

  Suzhou Garden Design Institute possesses capable professional architects including four senior architects, thirty odd engineers, ten odd technical staffs. Staffs holding titles of professional posts are ninety seven percent of the total number. Furthermore, these architects possess wide experience of project designing and operation supervision domestic and abroad, and reaches a higher level concerning CAD design with the aid of computers.

  During the process of reform and opening of P.R.C, the aim of Suzhou Garden Designing Institute is: reforming, developing, uniting, creating, striving for success in terms of quality, striving for development in terms of credit and striving for spreading of Suzhou garden art domestic and abroad.

Advancing Suzhou Garden Designing Institute
Suzhou Classical Garden Architecture Company
Landscape Architecture Corporation of China, Suzhou Branch
"Glorious China Garden", in Florida, U.S.A
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